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We believe that designing products and services in close partnership with our clients is the only way to have a real impact on their business.

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DIVINE provides not only the software and technologies to ease the process of protecting your creative work online but also the knowledge, dedication, and experience to implement all operations into a set of strategic fundamentals to turn brand-protection into brand-development.





Why Choose Us

Our services to help you protect & monetize your content online

We have set ourselves to provide content-owners, creators and independent artists with our knowledge, experience and highly-innovated technologies to facilitate the process of identifying and claiming their content online.

Full-Service Content Protection

We take care of everything while you focus on creating new content. From identification over claiming to monetization, there’s (basically) nothing we can’t do for you!

Music Distribution

Whether you are already distributing your content online or are just starting to work on distributing your artwork. We offer assistance, experience and the right tools to monetize and optimally distribute your art online.

Brand & Content Strategy

Digital content protection is not only about your content, it’s about your brand. Therefore, an optimal content strategy with your brand at its core is crucial to strengthen and develop your online presence. At DIVINE, we assist you from content planning, publishing over development to monetization.


If you already have your own DRM system in place, we can assist you in improving and expanding your current right management efforts to new platforms, markets or technologies.


We currently manage and protect over 40,000 of our clients’ assets online.


We currently claim and monetize more than 60,000,000 monthly content views’.

Some platforms we work with

Whether you’re a large enterprise, small company or individual, we’d love to work together with you! Feel free to get in touch!

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